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Carnaval SUP 2018 – Emoticons

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Last Sunday, on 11 February, we celebrated a new edition of Carnaval SUP, which is one of our favourite events to celebrate since once a year “anything goes”.



After submitting to a popular vote, the winning theme of this year was the famous Whatsapp emoticons. This is a theme that we think provided a lot of fun and there were plenty of options in order to easily prepare a costume and to depart on our route above our paddle surfboards by La Barceloneta beach.



What is certain is there wasn’t the same number of participants in this edition of Carnaval SUP that there has been in previous editions; maybe it was because of the cold that hit Spain for a few days prior to the event. That being said, the event still went ahead because we are of the opinion that there are traditions that should not be forgotten! So, although there were only a few of us, the few that we were had a great time. The day was perfect with the sun that shone, the calm sea, the snowy Montseny and a wonderful group; lots of fun and lots of smiles.



People dressed up in costumes, with imagination and a little patience, there were some very original and fun things to be seen. It was not for nothing as there were prizes to be won for the best dressed. Following the row-parade, we went to a terrace to recuperate our energy with delicious vermouth and some tapas before doing the votes to select the winners. The results were as follows:


  • 1st place: Marina and Lídia with the dancing twins costume
  • 2nd place: Mercé with the sunglasses emoticon costume
  • 3rd place: Desiree with the nice little poop costume



Thanks so much to everyone that took part. We will see you on the water soon! The next event will be sooner than you think. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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