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The physical and mental benefits of practicing Stand Up Paddle are well known: it provides a better equilibrium, biggest strength and muscular endurance, improved body coordination and self-esteem, the development of aerobic capacity, etc.
But the beneficial effects of stand up paddle (SUP) are even beyond that, or that was the conviction of Susanne Lier, an experienced fitness teacher with a passion for water sports. She invented in 2011 the Paddlefit®method, which keeps you fit in a fun and safe way, mixing SUP and fitness. Paddlefit® is suitable for all levels.

The most outstanding contributions ofPaddlefit® method are the:

  • Training of the whole body
  • Fluid and smooth strengthening of back muscles, abdominals and legs
  • Suitable exercises for people who suffer problems in the ankles and knees
  • Activation of our Proprioception and body consciousness


From the beginning, we supported the excellent idea to combine SUP and fitness, since it is a fantastic way to get fit outside the four walls of a gym, while enjoying the weather and the sea. We already spend many hours of our days stuck at home or at work, so it is always better to seize the opportunity to enjoy leisure time outdoors.
Keeping our philosophy to offer more and better services to our costumers, we made contact with Susane in order to learn from her and to become the ambassadors of Paddlefit® in Barcelona.
Since June 1, you can enjoy Paddlefit® classes regularly. In the membership class schedule you can find all our timetables, practically on a daily session. The activity is included within our Membership passes at no extra cost. Those that are not in Membership can join the activity with a contribution of 20€/each session.
Come to try it and have a great time getting in shape while enjoying the summer!
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