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Let’s try paddle surf! Should we better take a lesson or renting?

We, in Barcelona, are really lucky to live so close to the sea, which allows us to enjoy a huge range of activities and experiences. TheStand Up Paddle is one of these, and in fact it is the water sport that suits best the conditions of the Mediterranean sea. For this reason, a growing number of people are getting addicted to SUP.


It is no wonder, since so many people find this sport fairly easy, SUP can be practiced at any age and a special physical condition is not required to be initiated into. Furthermore, this is an all-season activity, you don’t necessarily need waves or wind to engage in it, but it can be practiced even in this case, and in fact there are different disciplines within the Stand Up Paddle, linked among others to the conditions of the sea. Paddle surfing relaxes us, keeps us in shape, increases our self-esteem and makes it easier to meet a lot of new people.


When paddle surfing for the first time, everybody faces a dilemma: LESSONS OR RENTING? In Moloka’i SUP Center it is very clear to us that the best is to start with a lesson. Although the activity is relatively easy, we want to highlight the fact this sport is practiced in a natural environment, and so a basic knowledge is highly recommendable to ensure our safety and the safety of others. We must not forget that there are other people enjoying the sea through different activities and they have to be respected as well.




But in our lessons you’ll do more than learning safety rules. Our highly experienced instructors, qualified and registered in the Register of Sports Professionals (compulsory to anyone engaged in sports training in Catalonia under the Law 3/2008), they will help you at all times, giving you clues to increase your balance, confidence and mobility on the board. The instructors will also help you to improve your body consciousness and to learn the basic maneuvers and how to move around with the aid of a paddle, in full respect of your health.
There are several ways to paddle, and doing them right will allow us to avoid problems and injuries in our bodies. If we set good foundations, the progression will be easier and more complete. For that reason, our proposal is to start with a baptism class or an introductory course and, after that, you can rent as much as you want to follow practicing at your own pace.


We have noticed that two commonplaces linked to Stand Up Paddle are still prevailing: the first one, it’s very easy, and the second, it’s boring. Actually, everything seems easier from the shore, but when we get on the board, it is surprisingly not so easy and not boring at all. We encourage you all to come and try it, and to live a genuine SUP EXPERIENCE.

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